Shades of Surrender Cover Reveal and #Giveaway

Check out the beautiful cover for the boxed set I’m going to be in starting next week! Fifty by Fifty: Shades of Surrender is full of dominant billionaires and the women lucky enough to tangle with them–including several BBWs. Check out an excerpt of my contribution, The Billionaire’s Runaway Curves, below the covers and then make sure to scroll down and enter our giveaway!



Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Runaway Curves:

At the end of her work day, Ellie left through one of the back doors of the hotel to walk to the nearby day care and pick up Riley before heading home. She hadn’t taken more than a few steps outside when she saw movement out of the corner of her eye and someone cleared their throat.

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How Do I Love Them? Let Me Count the Book Boyfriends… Romantic Rendevous H0p


So, apparently I need to pick just one favorite book boyfriend? And I have no idea how to do that. How can I choose when there are so many awesome book-men out there?

So, since I can’t decide, I’ll just tell you about one of the awesome book boyfriends I “dated” recently. 🙂 Zack Todd is Sheriff of the Three Sisters Island (a place I would totally love to live…if it existed, which I don’t think it does) and a sweet, charming, understanding, strong hero type of guy. (Yes, I love him. Who wouldn’t?) His job is fairly slow but when needed to, he can protect his neighbors and save damsels in distress. And you should see what he does in his off hours!

Zack is the hero from Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. 🙂

Which book boyfriends do you love?


Excerpt from The Billionaire’s Curvy Guide:

He didn’t answer for a long time. When she looked up, she found his gaze trained on her. “The stuff you gave me yesterday said you do guided tours. Personally.”

Damn it. Yes, she had been designated the guided tour girl. She loved the country around here and enjoyed showing it off to guests, no matter the season. Except him. Walking through the forest alone with him seemed like a very bad idea. “It’s a little cold for–”

“The brochure said all four seasons. Talked about how beautiful the mountains could be in the winter. I’m available this afternoon.”

Inwardly, she groaned.

“This is me being persuasive,” he said.

“No, this is you being hard to avoid.”

“Same difference. The more time you spend with me, the harder it will be to resist me. At least that’s my hope.”
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