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As October arrived this year, I actually had a little more time than usual (that *never* happens) so I decided to spend it doing one of the things I love most–reading. I also happen to love doing reading challenges, like the ones on GoodReads. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can check out the ones I’m currently doing (hopefully you can see these threads without being members of the groups, if you’re not):

Read the Month
October Monthly Challenge

This explanation is a long way to get to saying that I’m reading some Halloween (and related) themed books right now (for the challenges).

First, I read Halloween Heat VI, an anthology which includes Mina Carter. I’ve read and enjoyed several of her books and the story she had in this anthology was equally good. I also enjoyed the other stories and found some new writers to check out.

Second, I’m currently reading Wickedest Witch by Eve Langlais, a fun romp about a cranky, curvy witch and a werewolf who totally adores her (and won’t take any of her guff). Excellent book. (Although as I was writing this, I realized the book doesn’t take place at Halloween so it’s not Halloween themed, even if the cover does kind of look like it.)

Have you read any Halloween themed books this year or in the past? Any of them you’d like to recommend?
In December, I’ll have an all-new BBW billionaire romantic suspense novella in an anthology of BBW romances put together by the Curvy Girls Romance Facebook group. If you’d like to find out the details when the anthology is closer to release, just sign up for my newsletter. As a bonus, signing up will also qualify you for five entries into my hop giveaway! (Just make sure to check that spot in the rafflecopter.)
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